Conroy Takes Oath As DuPage County Boards 1st Female Chair – Patch

WHEATON, IL — Deb Conroy was sworn in Monday as DuPage County Board’s first female chairperson during an inauguration ceremony that also included six new board members.

“On this historic evening, we take the first step toward a bipartisan partnership in governing as we work together to create significant, lasting change that impacts and lifts up our residents,” Conroy said at the ceremony.

She added, “I am energized by the challenges that lie ahead and I look forward to writing a new chapter in the history of DuPage County.”

Conroy defeated Greg Hart in the Nov. 8 general election by a margin of more than 5,500 votes.

Conroy was among 23 elected officials to be sworn in during Monday’s ceremony, including County Clerk Jean Kaczmarek and Sheriff James Mendrick. Kaczmarek was reelected after having been challenged by former lieutenant governor Evelyn Sanguinetti. Mendrick’s ran unopposed in November.

Amber Quirk was sworn in as Regional Superintendent of Schools. Quirk, who had served as Assistant Regional Superintendent, also ran unopposed in November.

Incumbent Gwen Henry was sworn in Monday as County Treasurer, having defeated Dan Potoczny.

The following board members were sworn in Monday:

District 1

  • Sheila Rutledge
  • Greg Schwarze
  • James F. Zay

Cahill, Chang Evans, Childress, Galassi, Gustin and Yoo were newly elected to the board. The remaining 12 board members had been incumbents.

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December 7, 2022 at 05:26PM

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