Bill boosting EV incentives is headed for Pritzker’s desk


Other provisions would loosen the definition of an EV worker and appear to be aimed at existing automakers in Illinois, especially Stellantis and Ford. They have huge conventional auto assembly plants in Illinois in Belvidere and on Chicago’s South Side that could be converted to EV production, but likely only after years of preparation.

The new law “will help attract” both large production facilities and small supply-chain firms, said Illinois Manufacturers’ Association President Mark Denzler.  While narrower incentives passed a year ago, they did not produce a plethora of new investments in the state, “I certainly hope this will move the needle.”

Final approval came on a House vote of 84-9 after lawmakers briefly considered running a slightly different version of the bill. But the Senate made it clear by adjourning until January that the bill should proceed. Crain’s learned the issue at hand had nothing to do with EVs, but an unrelated clause involving the gasoline tax.

Word of the bulked-up state incentives leaked on Wednesday. The bill was promptly approved by the Senate.

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December 1, 2022 at 08:35PM

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