State Week: Examining Illinois’ fiscal health

Illinois has made a big turnaround when it comes to its budget. Bills are being paid on time and the state has even socked some money away in its rainy day fund. But the future remains cloudy as national and international issues could impact revenue. And, don’t forget about pension debt.

On this episode of State Week, host Sean Crawford and regular panel member Charlie Wheeler are joined by two budget experts.

Amanda Kass is an Assistant Professor in the School of Public Service at DePaul University. She researches public finance, pensions, housing markets and urban governance.

David Merriman is the Stukel Presidential Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He directs the University of Illinois’ Fiscal Futures Project. He has expertise in state tax policies, property taxes and business taxation.

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via State News

November 23, 2022 at 03:19PM

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