With housing comes hope


Elizabeth was sleeping in a parking garage in downtown Oak Park when she met Dannette, one of Housing Forward’s  Street Outreach staff.

Each night, Elizabeth and a group of friends gathered in a corner of the garage to take shelter from the cold. Dannette would stop by on a daily basis. Eventually, as she and Elizabeth got to know each other, Dannette explained the support and services, including housing, that she could arrange for Elizabeth when she was ready. 

While she was reluctant to leave her friends at first, after several weeks Elizabeth decided it was time to make a change. Dannette immediately worked with the housing staff at Housing Forward to arrange placement in our Interim Housing Program. There, with a stable place to sleep and healthy meals, Elizabeth began building her future. With Dannette’s support, Elizabeth started working on important building blocks like medical care, public benefits and employment.

For the first time in a long time, Elizabeth could envision having her own apartment. In October, that possibility became a reality and finally she began creating a home for her and her two daughters. Elizabeth is excited about taking her next steps and looking forward to her future!  

Find out more about Housing Forward and how it can help transform the lives of men, women, and families struggling with homelessness and housing crisis, go to housingforward.org/give.

Housing Forward

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