Lawmakers say students complain of racist teachings at UIC College of Dentistry

CHICAGO (WLS) — Local lawmakers said they are set to meet with the president of the University of Illinois about allegations of racist teachings at UIC’s College of Dentistry.

In a letter to the school, Congressman Danny Davis, Congresswoman Robin Kelly and State Rep. LaShawn Ford said they received several complaints from students.

The allegations include accusations that one professor used a racial slur and asked about a student of color’s “natural hair,” and that racist imagery is used in class, including a picture of someone with a noose around the neck.

“Students and alumni of UIC College of Dentistry have expressed to us that racist teachings and the unequal treatment of students has been ongoing for years,” the lawmakers said in a letter. “A recent revelation made us aware of a noose appearing in a PowerPoint presentation for seven years, which is disturbing. … This professor has continued to teach without any response or action from the university. Students of color have reportedly continued to be targeted at the university from being asked about their ‘natural hair’ to being called the N-word.”

The school says an investigation is underway.

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November 21, 2022 at 11:15PM

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