What do Lightfoot’s ads tell us about the state of the mayoral race? – Crain’s Chicago Business


But it does tell us something about how Team Lightfoot sees the race to come: With crime still a very sore subject, she has ground to make up.

See the ads below.

The first of the ads depicts two men, Felix and Oscar style, watching the news. They’re discussing whether Lightfoot has “delivered” for Chicago. As one asserts she brought in new corporations and was “cool during COVID,” the doorbell rings and Lightfoot herself shows up with a pizza, asking, “Did you order thousands of new jobs and a pepperoni?”

I thought this spot was the best of the three because it’s unconventional and offbeat at a time when people are beyond sick of negative political spots. But it got ridiculed on social media as a little too light.

Ino Saves New

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November 17, 2022 at 07:07AM

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