JB Pritzker Irons Out His Administration’s Focus After Re-election


Photo provided by Illinois.gov

NORMAL, Ill. – The 2022 Midterm elections have come and gone and to the victor go the spoils. State of Illinois Governor JB Pritzker excitedly announced that he was reelected, overcoming his opponent Darren Bailey of the Republican party. 

First elected in 2018, one of Pritzker’s highest praises as well as criticisms was the way he handled the COVID pandemic. This term, it appears Pritzker has his mind set on the issue of abortions in the state of Illinois. 

“We are a pro-choice state, and certainly as Governor for the next four years and with a democratic general assembly, I think we will successfully expand our capacity to deal with the challenges that are now facing Illinois,” said Pritzker. “Because every state around us has become an anti-choice state.” 

These statements come after Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, a trial heard by the Supreme Court earlier this year which resulted in the monumental ruling Roe v. Wade to be overturned.

Despite their differences, Pritzker hopes that through his next four years serving the state of Illinois, he can reach bipartisanship with Republicans. 

“I do like the idea of us having bipartisanship in the state of Illinois,” said Pritzker. “Look, I’m not gonna compromise my ideals and the things that I believe, but on the other hand, if you bring good ideas, it’s something we ought to be listening to and incorporating.” 

To Pritzker, women’s rights and civil rights are the most important issues that must be protected. As well, his administration will focus on finding ways to produce cleaner energy and getting treatment to those struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues.

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