Illinois Native Americans Gathered in Springfield to Ask for Inclusion and State Recognition –

SPRINGFIELD (WREX) — A group of Native Americans gathered in Springfield to ask for inclusion and state recognition.

The Chicago American Indian community collaborative held a Native American summit today at the state capitol, and at the top of the agenda, was an effort to introduce legislation requiring native American history in Illinois public schools starting next year.

State representative Maurice West of Rockford has already introduced legislation for the requirement earlier this year.

“We can’t look at this through the lense of tradition, we have look at the lense of equality and equity”, said West. “I’m able to wear my Christian cross, so why aren’t you allow to wear your feather? This is what this makes this country we are inclusive.”

In the future West says he is looking forward to talking with the Illinois Association of school board and expand more on these topics.

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November 16, 2022 at 07:44PM

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