Is Elmhurst’s Mazzochi ‘Tricking’ Voters?

ELMHURST, IL – A Springfield journalist released documents over the weekend that he says show Republicans are apparently using “trick tactics” on Democratic voters in state Rep. Deanne Mazzochi’s district.

Rich Miller, whose blog is closely watched by the state’s politicians, said Mazzochi, an Elmhurst Republican from House District 45, is sending canvassers to the homes of apparent Democrats.

Mazzochi, who is behind in last Tuesday’s election, is asking Democrats who are on record as voting by mail whether they really did so, Miller said in his Capitol Fax blog.

“If they say they didn’t vote by mail, then they’re asked to sign an affidavit attesting to that,” Miller said. “Trouble is, if they do sign the affidavit, they or someone in their household might ultimately be subjected to prosecution for voter fraud.”

As of Monday morning, Elmhurst Democrat Jenn Ladisch Douglass was ahead of Mazzochi by 175 votes – 21,575 to Mazzochi’s 21,400.

“The trend is not (Mazzochi’s) friend, thus the affidavit push,” Miller said.

Mazzochi has not returned Patch’s messages. She has maintained a public silence since the election.

In his blog, Miller presented a script and instructions that he said Mazzochi’s canvassers received.

The instructions tell the canvassers that “it is important that we do not overtly inform these targets (who are likely democrat voters) that we are working on behalf of a republican candidate… Failure to appear nonpartisan may lead to a greater level of noncooperation from residents at the address.”

According to the apparent script, canvassers are asked to introduce themselves by saying, “I’m a volunteer accessing the effectiveness of vote by mail in DuPage County.”

The person then proceeds to say, “According to DuPage County records, (insert voter name) voted by mail at this address. Can you confirm (insert voter name) cast a vote-by-mail ballot from this address this election?”

If the resident says yes, the conversation ends. But if the person says no, then the canvasser is supposed to say, “Well, strangely, we have someone with that name who voted at this address this election. We have a form that would formally document this for the clerk.”

The canvasser asks if a volunteer can come by with a form for the resident to sign.

“Can I wait here until they arrive?” the canvasser asks. “Is there a better time that works for you to stop with the form?”

The county clerk’s office is continuing to count mail-in ballots that were postmarked by Election Day.

In a Facebook post over the weekend, Douglass pointed to the Capitol Fax report. She urged voters not to sign any documents or answer any questions from the canvassers.

“This could not only lead to legal challenges to election results, it could also put you at risk of voter fraud charges,” Douglass said.

She continued, “Actively trying to disenfranchise voters because you are behind in a close election is unethical, unfair and is, frankly, a betrayal of American values. Confusing voters and interfering in their right to vote in order to steal an election is a tactic straight out of Trump’s playbook that led to the deadly insurrection on January 6th.


via Hinsdale-Clarendon Hills Patch

November 14, 2022 at 06:05AM

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