Will Pritzker run for President


J.B. Pritzker’s double digit win on Tuesday had some asking whether he might be eyeing an even higher office… President of the United States.

Reset breaks down the biggest news of the week in our Friday News Recap with host Sasha-Ann Simons. This week’s panel features: Rick Pearson, chief political reporter for the Chicago Tribune, Brandon Pope, host of the news magazine show On the Block, Mike Flannery, political editor at FOX 32 News.

About Reset: WBEZ’s daily talk show, Reset with Sasha-Ann Simons focuses on the news and conversations that matter most to listeners’ day-to-day lives. Hosted by Sasha-Ann Simons.

Thumbnail photo credit: Manuel Martinez / WBEZ

Ino Saves New

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November 12, 2022 at 12:53PM

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