Where Mazzochi, Douglass Found Votes In House Race


ELMHURST, IL – Most of Elmhurst was a sea of blue in Tuesday’s race between Republican state Rep. Deanne Mazzochi and her Democratic rival, Jenn Ladisch Douglass.

The blue represents the precincts that Douglass won. A few red precincts in Elmhurst indicate where Mazzochi prevailed.

According to the results so far, Mazzochi is ahead with 21,162 voters overall to Douglass’ 20,998. That’s a margin of 164 votes out of more than 42,000 cast in the District 45 race.

Mazzochi lives on Sunnyside Avenue a couple of blocks northwest of York High School. In her precinct, Douglas defeated her by 137 votes to 125.

Douglass lives a mile south of Mazzochi on Fairview Avenue, southeast of Sleepy Hollow Park. In her precinct, she prevailed with 215 votes to Mazzochi’s 189.

The central parts of Elmhurst were mostly blue. That includes downtown and Elmhurst University. By contrast, the area that includes Timothy Christian Schools, Elmhurst Hospital and the Elm Creek Apartments was red.

Mazzochi did well in Oak Brook, Hinsdale and Clarendon Hills. Douglass picked up more votes in Westmont.


via Elmhurst Patch https://ift.tt/UReZxXJ

November 9, 2022 at 10:18AM

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