Illinois voters approve Worker’s Rights Amendment to state constitution

CHICAGO (WLS) — Illinois voters decided issues in referendums on Election Day.

They voted in favor of amending the Illinois constitution, to guarantee workers’ rights to bargain collectively.


With 88% of precincts reporting, the Worker’s Rights Amendment had more than two million votes in favor, compared to 1.4 million voting no.

“From day one, the Vote Yes for Workers’ Rights campaign has been based on the simple idea that every Illinois worker deserves better,” Tim Drea, president of the Illinois AFL-CIO and Vote Yes for Workers’ Rights chair said. “Better pay, stronger benefits, and safer workplaces don’t just help workers thrive; they strengthen our state and keep us all safe.

Unions and pro-industry groups say the amendment could signal a new chapter in the struggle over workers’ rights as U.S. union ranks have grown as everyone from coffee shop baristas to warehouse workers seeks to organize.

Business groups and conservatives opposed the measure, saying they think it will drive up taxes, give unions too much power, lead to more strikes and prompt companies to leave for more industry-friendly states.

In Evanston, voters decided to change elections to ranked choice, by more than 80 percent.

Voters will rank their candidates in order of preference, then have the option to rank additional candidates.

Evanston will be the first community in the state to hold elections like this.

Cook County residents also in favor of a tax hike to support the forest preserve.

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November 9, 2022 at 06:40AM

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