Stephenson Co. Dems make campaigning statement ahead of Election Day – WIFR

(WIFR) – Poll watchers and volunteers may be campaigning on Election Day near polling places, according to the Stephenson County Democrats.

The group says that In order to avoid any misunderstandings or misinterpretations on Election Day, they’re reminding locals of the law allowing persons to engage in campaigning for their preferred candidates for office.

“Parties may have poll watchers at polling places to help the cause of their candidates and may have volunteers providing election information to voters at the polling places, outside the designated Campaign Free Zone,” a representative from the group shared in a newsletter Monday. “Past elections have included election judges or other parties who’ve misunderstood the laws and asked law enforcement to stop authorized activities.”

While the group understands that poll watchers and volunteers need to follow the laws while promoting their candidates and issues, they’ve taken the extra step to train their volunteers on the specifics, to avoid the possibility of electioneering.

“Our volunteers have all been trained on these laws and completely wish to comply with them.”

The 100-foot measurement begins at the door of the room where the polling is taking place, not necessarily at the front door of the building.

Poll watchers may be near the Election Judges and may see and hear the process, but is not allowed to touch election materials.

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November 8, 2022 at 07:08AM

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