Illinois governor race: JB Pritzker, Darren Bailey cast their votes on Election Day

CHICAGO (WLS) — All the campaigning is done and the candidates have made their case to voters. Now Governor JB Pritzker is hosting his watch part at the Marriott in Chicago, while Republican challenger Darren Bailey gathers with supporters in Springfield.

On this Election Day, it’s all about who did a better job getting their supporters to the polls.

Pritzker and First Lady MK Pritzker cast their ballots at their North Side polling place at the Chicago History Museum Tuesday morning.

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“So I’ve been working very hard downstate, in central Illinois, southern Illinois, northwestern and western and of course right here in the city of Chicago,” Pritzker said. “So I think we’re gonna win it by making sure every single voter gets out to vote.”

The governor had been at the Pulaski Orange Line stop shaking hands earlier Tuesday.

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“Well you wake up on Election Day and think, ‘what more can I do?’ I’ve got 12 hours. And so here we’re making sure we shake hands with people on the way to work to remind them if they haven’t voted yet now is the time,” Pritzker said.

Bailey was greeting commuters at the Ogilvie Transportation Center, hoping to garner enough last-minute votes to derail Pritzker’s reelection plans.

“Many people had voted. They had their stickers on. They told us they voted for us. They’re ready for change,” Bailey said.

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Bailey made his second and final stop of the day at a manufacturing plant in Palatine where he talked to workers and made one last pitch for votes. He was then headed to springfield.

The most recent poll shows the governor’s race has tightened in the last few weeks. Pritzker is now leading Bailey by just single digits.

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“It’s a great day, a beautiful day. We’ve got such a great response, too, and I’m excited about the day, looking forward to tonight and the victory we’re gonna bring home for the people of Illinois,” Pritzker said.

Bailey has a second and final stop in Palatine Tuesday morning before heading down to Springfield, where he will gather with supporters and await the election results.

“It’s an anticipation of waiting for victory. … We’ve got volunteers in every county and every community. They’re hearing the same feedback that we’re hearing, so it’s the anticipation, kind of like Christmas morning. It’s that same anticipation. We’re waiting and tonight the results will be delivered,” Bailey said.

Polls close at 7 p.m.

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November 8, 2022 at 04:42PM

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