Editorial: We should support Illinois’ Workers’ Rights Amendment, fight for workers across the state – videtteonline.com


Workers across Illinois have always been at the forefront of business.

They manufacture our products, they make our food, they take care of the public and so much more.

It can be easy to associate those products and services with a company or brand, but it is important to remember that it is individual workers who make our world go round.

The Workers’ Rights Amendment is on the ballot this election and looks to codify the right to unionize, collectively bargain and ensure workplace safety into law.

We need to support our workers – the people who allow our lives to run smoothly. 

Why would we not want to support the right to collectively bargain? The treatment and benefits of our workers should always be at the forefront of American business, especially here in Illinois.

Here at Illinois State University, our student body always been a proponent of workers’ rights.

We rallied behind our Graduate Workers Union as they demanded better pay and benefits, and again as our groundskeepers apart of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 1110 also rallied for higher wages and a new contract.

Our support for workers should not stop once they leave campus.

Workers across the state should have the right to fight for a better workplace, and we as the public should be doing everything we can to help them.

The Workers’ Rights Amendment should be passed into law not just because we need to support workers in Illinois, but because we believe it is the right thing to do.

Oftentimes what these workers are fighting for are basic things or necessities that every worker should have: a living wage, health care and safe conditions just to name a few.

If we are going to start treating workers like what they are – people with lives and families – then we need to support them at the legislative level. 

If the Workers’ Rights Amendment can live up to its name and truly improve workers’ rights, we need to voice our support for it, along with our workers.

Workers’ rights deserved to be codified into law, and that all starts with this amendment.

ELIZABETH URBAN is News Editor for The Vidette. Urban can be contacted at emurba1@ilstu.edu. Follow Urban on Twitter at @eliizabethurban.  

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November 7, 2022 at 05:22PM

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