Editorial: Grab the scissors. Our ‘bedsheet ballot’ is here. – Chicago Tribune


Here are the Chicago Tribune endorsements in the Illinois general election Tuesday. Endorsements are made only in contested races.

Take this with you to the voting booth. (Yes, it’s legal.)

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  • 1st District: Jonathan Jackson
  • 2nd District: Robin Kelly
  • 3rd District: Delia Ramirez
  • 4th District: Jesus “Chuy” Garcia
  • 5th District: Mike Quigley
  • 6th District: Sean Casten
  • 8th District: Raja Krishnamoorthi
  • 9th District: Janice Schakowsky
  • 10th District: Brad Schneider
  • 11th District: Bill Foster
  • 12th District: No endorsement
  • 13th District: Nikki Budzinski
  • 14th District: Lauren Underwood
  • 15th District: No endorsement
  • 16th District: No endorsement
  • 17th District: Esther Joy King

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  • 6th District: Sara Feigenholtz
  • 9th District: Laura Fine
  • 11th District: Mike Porfirio
  • 18th District: Bill Cunningham
  • 19th District: Patrick Sheehan
  • 20th District: Cristina Pacione-Zayas
  • 21st District: Laura Ellman
  • 23rd District: Dennis Reboletti
  • 24th District: Seth Lewis
  • 25th District: Karina Villa
  • 26th District: Dan McConchie
  • 27th District: Bill Robertson
  • 28th District: Laura Murphy
  • 31st District: Adam Solano
  • 32nd District: Allena Barbato
  • 34th District: Steve Stadelman
  • 36th District: Mike Thoms
  • 40th District: Patrick Joyce
  • 42nd District: Linda Holmes
  • 43rd District: Rachel Ventura
  • 45th District: Andrew Chesney
  • 46th District: Desi Anderson
  • 48th District: Sandy Hamilton
  • 56th District: Kris Tharp
  • 57th District: Wavey T. Lester II

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  • 3rd District: Eva-Dina Delgado
  • 4th District: Lilian Jimenez
  • 6th District: No endorsement
  • 7th District: No endorsement
  • 8th District: La Shawn Ford
  • 11th District: Ann Williams
  • 12th District: Margaret Croke
  • 13th District: Hoan Huynh
  • 15th District: Mark Albers
  • 16th District: Vincent Romano
  • 17th District: Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz
  • 18th District: Charles Hutchinson
  • 19th District: Lindsey LaPointe
  • 21st District: Abdelnasser Rashid
  • 22nd District: Carlos Alvarez
  • 23rd District: No endorsement
  • 27th District: Justin Slaughter
  • 29th District: Jeffery Coleman
  • 30th District: Patricia Bonk
  • 31st District: Mary Flowers
  • 32nd District: Carl Kunz
  • 33rd District: Marcus Evans Jr.
  • 34th District: No endorsement
  • 35th District: Fran Hurley
  • 36th District: No endorsement
  • 38th District: Tom Toolis
  • 39th District: Anthony Curran
  • 41st District: Janet Yang Rohr
  • 42nd District: Stefanie Hood
  • 43rd District: Anna Moeller
  • 44th District: Fred Crespo
  • 45th District: Deanne Marie Mazzochi
  • 46th District: Robert Stevens
  • 47th District: Amy Grant
  • 48th District: Azam Nizamuddin
  • 49th District: Kevin Wallace
  • 50th District: No endorsement
  • 51st District: Chris Bos
  • 52nd District: Martin McLaughlin
  • 53rd District: Jack Vrett
  • 54th District: Mary Beth Canty
  • 55th District: Michael Lupo
  • 56th District: E. Dale Litney
  • 57th District: Jonathan Carroll
  • 58th District: Bob Morgan
  • 59th District: Daniel Didech
  • 61st District: Peter Pettorini
  • 62nd District: Laura Faver Dias
  • 63rd District: Steven Reick
  • 64th District: Tom Weber
  • 65th District: Linda Robertson
  • 66th District: Suzanne Ness
  • 67th District: Maurice West II
  • 68th District: No endorsement
  • 69th District: Joe Sosnowski
  • 71st District: Dan Swanson
  • 72nd District: No endorsement
  • 75th District: Heidi Henry
  • 76th District: Jason Haskell
  • 77th District: Norma Hernandez
  • 79th District: Jackie Haas
  • 80th District: Anthony DeLuca
  • 81st District: Anne Stava-Murray
  • 83rd District: Keith Wheeler
  • 84th District: Stephanie Kifowit
  • 85th District: Chris Metcalfe
  • 86th District: No endorsement
  • 91st District: Scott Preston
  • 92nd District: No endorsement
  • 96th District: No endorsement
  • 97th District: Michelle Smith
  • 98th District: Donna Russell
  • 104th District: Mike Marron
  • 111th District: Amy Elik
  • 112th District: No endorsement
  • 113th District: No endorsement
  • 114th District: Kevin Schmidt
  • 118th District: Paul Jacobs

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  • 1st District: No endorsement
  • 2nd District: Dennis Deer
  • 4th District: No endorsement
  • 5th District: Monica Gordon
  • 6th District: No endorsement
  • 9th District: Matthew Podgorski
  • 10th District: No endorsement
  • 11th District: John Daley
  • 12th District: Xiaoli “Alice” Hu
  • 13th District: Josina Morita
  • 14th District: Scott Britton
  • 15th District: No endorsement
  • 16th District: Kimberly Jagielski
  • 17th District: Sean Morrison

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