Getting to know Illinois’ 17th District candidates

FREEPORT, Ill. (WTVO) — The midterm election is just days away, and candidates are urging local to get out and vote.

Two candidates for the 17th District were in Freeport on Saturday. One is the daughter of Christian missionary parents and U.S. military captain in the Army JAGS Corps, and the other is a former weatherman and Rockford local. They are going head-to-head for the Illinois 17th Congressional District Seat.

They were both in Freeport on Saturday, urging locals to come out and vote.

"To bring accountability to government, that’s what is really important to help get our economy back on track," said Esther Joy Kind, Republican nominee for the 17th District. "Secondly, making sure we are prioritizing American energy independence."

King said that she knows inflation is a huge concern for many. She wants to bring people together to help solve the economic crisis, prioritizing American energy independence.

Democratic nominee Eric Sorensen said that he believes the biggest concern is what inflation is going to prescription drugs and food. He said that he plans to help make those things more affordable in Congress.

"We have to lower the cost of food, we have to make it easier for people who are struggling today just to get by, and that is Congress’ responsibility," Sorensen said. "That will be my responsibility is Congress."

King knows that there is a lot of manufacturing and agriculture in the area, so she plans to build off of that by providing more access to youth.

"Bring in economic diversity to help make sure that we’re building a stronger opportunity for young people, whatever careers they want to pursue, that there is access," King said.

Sorensen, however, said that he is fighting to keep jobs that people already have and wants to bring in more jobs for the future generation.

"The jobs here are here to stay. It means making sure that, in Belvidere, the Stellantis plant is going to be here. The Riven plant down in Bloomington-Normal, they are building electric vehicles today that the supply chain isn’t going to interrupt that we need to make sure we are building the batteries here today," Sorensen said. "As we are building the new transmission lines for electricity, we need to make sure those are union, good paying jobs here in Northern Illinois, and those are the things I’m going to fight for."

Both candidates said that they want to find solutions to the problems people have, and encourage everyone to go and vote.

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November 5, 2022 at 08:27PM

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