Pritzker campaign slams Tulsi Gabbard appearance at IL GOP rally

CHICAGO, Ill. — The J.B. Pritzker campaign is lashing out about a campaign event scheduled Monday for Republican gubernatorial challenger Darren Bailey.

Bailey’s being joined for a rally in Glen Ellyn, Illinois by former Democratic U.S. House Representative Tulsi Gabbard.

In its statement issued Monday, the Pritzker campaign refers to the former Hawaii lawmaker as a “Russia sympathizer and conspiracy theorist”

She has long criticized the Biden Administration’s approach to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, claiming the U.S. and NATO should have given Russian President Vladimir Putin the security assurances he was seeking to begin with.

Gabbard also made headlines in recent weeks for announcing her departure from the Democratic party, just six years after bursting onto the national political stage, making a run for the White House as a Democrat.

The Pritzker campaign statement goes on to accuse Gabbard of being willing to “do anything to get elected” and casts a pall on Bailey for resorting to her endorsement.

Earlier in the campaign, Bailey also gained the endorsement for former Republican President Donald Trump.

In an emailed statement earlier Monday, Gabbard explained her support for Bailey in Illinois’ gubernatorial election, saying “We should reject these anti-freedom ideals and J.B. Pritzker’s far-left policies…”

In urging voters to consider Bailey, Gabbard said he, “is a farmer who knows what it means to put in an honest day’s work, puts people first, and is not beholden to the political insiders who have corrupted the Illinois government.”

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October 31, 2022 at 11:10AM

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