Incumbent 55th District State Rep. Moylan Of Des Plaines Battling Lupo Of Park Ridge

There are a few issues the two contenders for state representative in the 55th Illinois House District agree on. Both incumbent Democrat Marty Moylan and Republican challenger Mike Lupo believe strongly in a woman’s right to choose whether to terminate a pregnancy or not.

Says Moylan, “I’m 100% pro-choice.” States Lupo, “I will and always support a woman’s right to choose.”

Beyond that, there are numerous differences between the two candidates who are running in the Tuesday, Nov. 8 election.

One difference involves gun control. Lupo, 41, states that the current regulations on firearms are “acceptable.” Moylan, 71, over the years has called for bans on the sale of high capacity assault rifles” and other “simple, common sense” regulations.

The every 10 year ritual of redrawing legislative boundaries based on shifts in population has resulted in the 55th District moving further to the east. While a large part of Des Plaines remains in the district, an even larger chunk of Park Ridge is now included as well as small parts of Niles and Morton Grove. Moylan is a longtime Des Plaines resident having served as a 2nd ward alderman and mayor. Lupo grew up in Park Ridge and graduated from Maine South High School and Elementary District 64 schools. He is the owner of a small business.

Moylan is the oldest of 13 children and has served as state rep for almost 10 years.

“Not only have I been a constant voice for working families in the district, but I have a record of proven successes, not only in being there to provide service to the community through my district office but in fighting for them in Springfield.”

Moylan says his state office has a “fantastic track record” of providing constituent services adding that he and his staff are always available to meet with community members. He adds that the most important issue is “providing common sense solutions to problems that are only being addressed loudy by extreme politicians on both sides of the aisle, and protecting the rights of women and others in our community who are having them taken away by a weaponized court system in Washington.”

As for Lupo, he charges that Moylan has been anything but responsive, explaining that residents he visits with during campaigning have consistently told him that message. He said that if elected he will create a weekly or monthly newsletter for constituents adding that he is active on social media and will create an atmosphere for “small businesses to open and stay open.”

Lupo, who is married with two children, is the father of 10-year-old Michael who was born with significant heart and lung defects, Michael has undergone nine open heart surgeries, suffered significant brain damage and that at least six of his 10 years have been spent in hospital intensive care units.

“My kids are absolutely my personal heroes,” said Lupo, adding that his daughter, Lea, was born with a hole in her heart.

“The strength and resilience of my kids are inspiring,” he continued. “It has certainly inspired me to do more to help as many people as I possibly can.”

Moylan says that his grandfather, a Chicago police officer, who died “performing his duty”, is his personal hero. “My entire family has always valued public service,” adds Moylan.

According to the former mayor, the top issue in the district, based on the people he has visited, is the issue of choice and the woman’s ability to make their own health care decisions. He adds that crime, which often is committed by individuals from Chicago who spread into the suburbs, is also a major concern among local residents.

Another issue where the two share a common belief is the state’s controversial SAFE-T Act, which is a major reorganization of law enforcement. Moylan voted against the measure earlier in the year explaining that it had major shortcomings that needed to be addressed and revised. 

“It’s not ready yet,” he said. “I have a lot of concerns. They promised changes, but let’s see if it gets done.” Lawmakers are expected to discuss revisions to the bill late this year.

Lupo said the two most important jobs of a legislator are to “keep our communities safe and make sure our schools are properly funded and functioning properly.” In regard to the SAFE-T Act, Lupo, like many Republicans, contends that the bill should be repealed and a re-writing of it take place with bipartisan input, debate and consultation with law enforcement agencies and the law community.

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