Latest Poll Shows Workers’ Rights Amendment, Opposed by Illinois Chamber and Other Pro-Growth Groups, Lacks Strong Voter Support

In a poll released this week by WGN-TV/Emerson College/The Hill, support for Constitutional Amendment 1 is very uncertain. The poll numbers currently show 54% of likely voters plan to vote yes, 30% plan to vote no and 16% are undecided. For passage, this measure requires 60% of those voting on the question to vote “yes” or 50% of all votes cast to be in favor of the question. These numbers suggest that Illinois voters have real concern about the economic consequences of this amendment.

The Illinois Chamber of Commerce has been adamantly opposed to the passage of Constitutional Amendment 1 since it was first proposed in the General Assembly last spring. President and CEO Todd Maisch has appeared in dozens of print, radio, and tv media appearances arguing the Chamber’s position on the so-called “workers’ rights amendment.”

We believe this measure would be another “blackeye” for Illinois and its ability to retain and create jobs. Voter approval of this constitutional change only adds to the negative perception that Illinois is unfit to locate or expand in. On behalf of the Illinois business community, we encourage everyone to “vote no” this November.

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October 28, 2022 at 06:57PM

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