Voting to re-elect Frerichs for state treasurer – Oak Park – Wednesday Journal

I would like to endorse Michael Frerichs for state treasurer in his bid for re-election. Like many people I used to watch the newspaper notice for unclaimed property but never found any related to my late father and me. A friend suggested I try looking at the state treasurer’s website for unclaimed property that Mr. Frerichs established.

Indeed, it turned out there was substantial unclaimed property from my late father’s estate, including life insurance and stock dividends and a smaller amount from insurance.

Although the process was cumbersome, when I contacted Don Harmon’s office, they contacted the state treasurer and an expediter was assigned to my claim. The expediter was able to use the application I submitted to find all of the info from public records that I needed to complete the claim, including directions on how to get documents from a closed probate case from the clerk of the Cook County Circuit Court to complete the application. I was very impressed with how Mr. Frerichs’ office handled my concerns with transparency and commitment to assisting me as a taxpayer rather than the all-too-often ignoring and stonewalling. Mr. Frerichs’ program for unclaimed assets allowed me to collect the dividends, proceeds from life insurance, and other funds that an insurance company attempted to hold back from me.

Mr. Frerichs showed me that he stands for the financial interests and rights of Illinois taxpayers rather than the interests of big businesses, banks and insurance companies.

Frank Vozak
Oak Park

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October 26, 2022 at 07:05AM

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