State representative has delivered on promises – Daily Herald

When Suzanne Ness began her first campaign to represent District 66 some of what she promised was to bring more resources to the district, raise standards and prioritize public safety.

She delivered.

Rep. Ness established several citizen advisory groups, meeting and listening to seniors, individuals with disabilities, child welfare advocates, education professional, business owners, manufacturers and area police chiefs and sheriff departments.

As a result of roundtable meetings with local business, Suzanne created and passed legislation requiring school districts to offer a program preparing students for careers in manufacturing and trades and other skilled vocational professions

Suzanne surveyed her constituents to find out exactly how they feel about gun control. Over 80% of those surveyed support a ban on semi-automatic assault weapons, a waiting period for purchases, universal background checks, a ban on high capacity magazines and stricter laws on firearm sales.

Rep. Ness has brought critical, much-needed funding for local infrastructure projects in the following amounts: $400,000 to Algonquin, $200,000 to Sleepy Hollow, $600,000 to Crystal Lake, $400,000 to W. Dundee, $600,000 to E. Dundee, $300,000 to Lake in the Hills and $500,000 to Carpentersville.

Additionally, Rep. Ness worked alongside Rep. Moeller to secure $17.5 million to prevent Longmeadow Parkway from becoming a toll bridge.

Suzanne’s opponent is a three-year state of Illinois employee, receiving raises as well as being eligible for a state pension. She attacks Suzanne on these issues while ignoring that Suzanne not only turned down the pension for this role but also opted out of pension when she served on McHenry County Board.

Rep. Ness does not believe elected officials should be exploiting taxpayer dollars to fund their retirements.

Suzanne has walked her talk, now let’s re-elect her Nov. 8 to continue delivering for District 66.

Helen Torscher

Crystal Lake

Ino Saves New

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October 24, 2022 at 09:11PM

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