Illinois 14th Congresswoman get endorsed by Social Security Works PAC in Ottawa

Illinois 14th District Cong. Lauren Underwood says she is very pleased to be endorsed by the Social Security Works PAC. The PAC held an event at the LaSalle County Democratic Headquarters in Ottawa Saturday morning. Pres. Jon “Bowzer” Bauman, who was in the FV show band Sha Na Na, says he doesn’t want to see a time in America without programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. He says Lauren Underwood will make sure that doesn’t happen. Underwood says legislation she included within the Inflation Reduction Act allows more options for seniors to get more affordable plans if they buy their own insurance. She says that’s possible because the act also requires corporations like Amazon to pay their fair share of taxes.

She says voters should know what’s at stake in the upcoming election because Republicans want to cut the federal programs. She specifically referenced a plan that was written by Florida Sen. Rick Scott called the “Rescue America Plan.”

She’s running for reelection in the newly drawn 14th Congressional District which covers parts of Northern LaSalle County. Her opponent is Kendall County Board Chairman Scott Gryder.

John “Bowzer” Bauman sings a song to encourage constituents to vote for Lauren Underwood.

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October 24, 2022 at 06:43AM

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