Covering a candidate who won’t debate or rarely talks to the media

The Midterm Elections 2022 are just over 2 weeks away. While we’ve watched debates or heard interviews from many candidates running for office, one incumbent has been noticeably absent from coverage, although she is very likely to be re-elected. We’re talking about Rep. Republican Mary Miller (R) of Illinois’ 15th congressional district. As you recall, former President Donald J. Trump backed Miller at a rally in Quincy back in June. Despite numerous criticisms of the Biden administration on her YouTube and Twitter pages, Miller has given few interviews and has not debated her Democratic opponent, Paul Lange.


Harrison Malkin

Politics Reporter, Illinois Public Media 

Mark Maxwell

Political Editor, KSDK-5 On Your Side 

Brenden Moore

Illinois State Government and Politics Reporter, Lee Enterprises 


Ino Saves New

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October 24, 2022 at 05:24PM

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