State senate race becomes fierce battleground

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) — A central Illinois state senate race has become a fierce battleground as republicans hope to flip the 48th District. The race between Democratic candidate Doris Turner and Republican candidate Sandy Hamilton is now one of the ugliest races this election cycle.

“It’s a high stakes, you’ve got a lot of money that people can spend. In addition to doing the positive ads- this is who I am this, this is what I’m trying to do- you’re trying to define your opponent,” Kent Redfield, a Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Illinois Springfield, told WAND News.

Redfield estimates the campaigns will spend about $5-million on the seat, partially because neither candidate had served long in the state house.

“They were both appointed to their seats so they don’t have a lot of track record as far as bills they’ve sponsored or a lot of roll call votes,” Redfield explained.

With just weeks until Election Day, he said the candidates are digging in hard- but voters should still view ads critically.

“There is always a kernel of truth in there, but often they tend to be half-truths, so we need to try to put them in context,” Redfield said.

WAND News asked Hamilton about the ads attacking her record.

“That is 100% false. I did not vote for that- I abstained from the vote in the session back in January and February when that bill and house resolution came up,” Hamilton said earlier this month.

WAND News also asked Turner about ads accusing her of corruption.

“I have never done anything that could be considered corrupt in any way,” Tuner added.

Redfield said voters should do their own research and be prepared for the attacks to continue.

“I don’t think either candidate is going to run out of money, so this is what you’re going to look at until election day,” Redfield said.

You can read more about the candidates and their campaigns here.

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October 17, 2022 at 10:28PM

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