Illinois Black Caucus leader reacts to signs promoting ‘political racism’

(WBBM NEWSRADIO) — A leader of the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus is speaking about signs that he claims are “political racism” that he says were posted in Naperville and Lisle.

State Representative Kam Buckner of Chicago said at first he thought reports he received of the signs, which included the message “Don’t Let the Black Caucus Write Our Laws,” were hoaxes.

Once he realized the signs were real, Buckner was disappointed that anyone would produce and post signs with such a message.

“I’m extremely proud of the fact that the Black Caucus has written some extremely helpful laws for all people in Illinois and I think that people need to step up and say that we will not accept this rhetoric in Illinois around Illinois and it does not show who we are.”

Buckner said he has no idea who produced or posted the signs, but he accused them of a racist attempt to create division and promote prejudice.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Thomas J. Turney / USA TODAY NETWORK

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