Today’s must-read

Today’s must-read

Wednesday, Oct 12, 2022 – Posted by Rich Miller

* A whole lot of folks need to read this, not because it’s full of scary right-wing stuff, but because it’s chock full of very practical information for candidates…

So, click here and take a few minutes.

The other side better be prepared, because the Awake IL types are getting some decent training for school board elections. And Dan Proft, who is sitting on a giant mound of money, has said he wants to get involved in school board races. From July…

Following the end of his congressional campaign in Illinois’ 14th congressional district, Mike Koolidge has been hired as the Communications Director and Chief Spokesman for People Who Play By The Rules PAC, effective immediately. The “PBR” PAC is a political action committee whose mission is to support gubernatorial candidates and candidates for local offices, particularly school boards, committed to ending the fleecing of people who play by the rules and are gamed by a political system they finance.

Proft was reportedly at that Awake IL training session. Again, go read it.

CF,Region: Statewide,Politics,CF 2

via Capitol – Your Illinois News Radar

October 12, 2022 at 10:16AM

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