Letter: Vote for Democrats in Illinois – The Quad City Times


I am writing to express support for the Democratic candidates in Illinois for the upcoming election: Tammy Duckworth, Eric Sorensen, Mike Halpin and Gregg Johnson. Eric Sorensen, in particular, seems to have struck a chord with the RNC, since they are pulling out all of the stops and sending out horrific ads vilifying him. Their extreme lies seem beyond the typical rhetoric seen during an election, and I’m appalled by the nonsense. I’ve known Eric for many years, and respect his honesty, professional demeanor, and charitable contributions to our community. He has always been generous with his time and knowledge. As a climate scientist, he is particularly focused on environmental issues, and would contribute that knowledge base to supporting legislation to reduce our carbon emissions while building employment opportunities. However, that’s not all he stands for, and his support for civil rights, public education, an economy that works for all, and reproductive rights make him the person to support for Congress on November 8th.

Ino Saves New

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October 12, 2022 at 06:59AM

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