Former corrections officer running for Illinois’ 72nd House District

A lifelong resident of Rock Island County, Johnson says his life experience has prepared him well for this position.

After working for the Illinois Department of Corrections, Johnson says he has firsthand experience advocating for various issues in Springfield. And if elected, he would focus on improving mental health care in Illinois and encouraging young people and families to continue living in the state.

“I think that I have a steady hand that can navigate through some of these difficult conversations. But most of all just let people know that this will be a steady hand in the 72nd District. We have so many more things in common than the things that divide us and I’ve lived my whole life that way.”

Johnson believes a State Representative should “serve as a messenger.”

“And we also need to do a good job of letting people know what programs exist out there. That’s part of State Representative, your constituents, your services, that kind of outreach is to partner with our local governments and agencies to make sure the people do know.”

His Republican opponent for the Illinois House District 72nd is Tom Martens.

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via Government

October 11, 2022 at 11:12AM

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