Lisa Haderlein, Congress 16th District, 2022 Election Questionnaire

Full Name: Elizabeth “Lisa” Haderlein

What office are you seeking? US Congress, Illinois’ 16th District

What offices, if any, have you previously held? Alderwoman, 1st Ward, City of Harvard since 2019

Democratic Precinct Committeeperson, Chemung Precinct 1, on-and-off 2006-2020

City: Harvard

Occupation: Executive Director of a nonprofit conservation organization

Education: BA, Wellesley College

MS, University of Vermont

Certificate in Nonprofit Management, University of Illinois-Chicago

Certificate in Fundraising Management, Humboldt University

Campaign Website:

Do you believe that corporations pay enough in taxes?

Many do not.

Would you support increases or decreases in the amount of taxes corporations pay? Why?

I think that having a minimum corporate rate is a good idea. I don’t know what the right number is, 10% or 15%, but they should all pay something.

Do the rich, defined as the wealthiest 1%, pay enough in taxes?

Many do not.

Would you support changes in the tax code that would increase or decrease their tax burden? Why?

Again, I think a minimum tax for income over a certain amount is one way to approach this issue. Again, I don’t know what the right number is, but they should pay something for the public benefit. We have extreme income inequality in America – it was made more extreme through the Republican tax cuts made in 2017. The current system results in the people at the top getting more money and the people at the bottom getting less. That’s not good for the country.

Do you support raising taxes on capital gains and dividends? Why?

For some people, that is their income, and they should pay taxes on it. I don’t know what the right number is, but it should be graduated so that people who have high dividend income or capital gains income pay a higher percentage.

The COVID-19 pandemic saw a breakdown in this country’s supply chain. What would you propose to fix it?

I don’t know. It’s a global issue, not just domestic. I think the CHIP act is an important part of it – getting more computer chips made in the US will certainly help when the whole global shipping system is interrupted. In general, locating production closer to the end consumer is a good idea, and it results in good jobs.

How would you bring back manufacturing jobs?

I would use the CHIP act as an example again. The government can choose to offer incentives to industries that have moved out of the country, to bring those jobs back here. We also need to make it less lucrative for businesses to move production out of the country into countries with lax environmental laws and poor labor regulations.

What plans do you have to help the lower and middle class?

Strengthen protections for Social Security and Medicare.

Continue support for the Affordable Care Act.

Make the Child Tax Credit permanent.

Make Child Care affordable.

Strengthen unions and protect the rights of workers to unionize.

Do you support the idea that government can require immunizations against COVID-19 or other communicable diseases?


How do you feel about mask mandates?

Mask mandates are important because they protect people other than the ones wearing the mask. The mandates are needed because too many people don’t care if their actions put other people at risk.

Is America prepared for either another round of the current pandemic, or the next one?

I think we are more prepared now than we were two years ago.

Do you support new laws or regulations to safeguard people in the event of another pandemic?

I would need to know details about the laws or regulations being proposed.

Should Medicare be expanded to include dental coverage for older Americans?


What are the top two threats to our national security?

Climate Change.


What should be done to eliminate them?

I need to make a general statement here. This is my first time running for Federal office, and I only got on the ballot in August. I have a full-time job. I do not have campaign staff. I don’t have a bunch of aides to research issues for me and write up talking points.

The US needs to lead on reducing the global effects of Climate Change. The Inflation Reduction Act is a good step in that direction. We have been seeing the effects of climate change as people are displaced by natural disasters and extreme weather cycles that are making some parts of the planet uninhabitable.

I have no idea what to do about Russia. As long as Putin is in charge, I think we need to be worried. I’m glad the US and EU are standing firm against invasion of Ukraine, but it is frightening to see Saudi Arabia now helping Russia.

What is your position on climate change and what should be done about it?

Climate change is a threat to human life on Earth. Nature is an amazing and powerful force that is already wreaking havoc in many parts of the world. Places are becoming so hot that they are uninhabitable. Water levels are rising and the oceans will engulf island nations. The impacts will be felt in the US as there will be greater pressure on water resources due to the fact that so many Americans live in areas where water is a scarce commodity (like the Southwest). Agriculture will be impacted as weather patterns change, flooding and drought events become more common, and the average temperature rises.

The US needs to lead global efforts to reduce the use of fossil fuels. The Inflation Reduction Act includes many provisions aimed at combating fossil fuel dependency, but we need to do more.

What is your position on nuclear energy expansion?

I feel that nuclear energy is an important part of the transition away from fossil fuels, as it provides a steady source of power to the electric grid. Illinois should support continued operation of existing nuclear plants. However, until we find ways to safely contain radioactive waste materials, and ways to secure the raw materials without causing irreparable environmental damage, we should not build new nuclear plants.

Should America invest in other forms of renewable energy? Please explain.

Yes. Solar, wind, off-shore wind farms, and tidal energy. The fact is that the forces of nature all around us can provide the energy needed to fuel a strong economy if we are smart enough to learn how to use them.

Should pregnant women have the right to get an abortion?


Is the immigration system a problem in this country? If so, what is your plan to fix it?


Provide a path for Dreamers to become citizens.

Stop separating families.

Start treating all individuals who want to come to the US with compassion, regardless of what country they are coming from.

Whole sectors of our economy depend upon immigrants. Let’s stop pretending we don’t see them, and start embracing the contributions they make in the farm sector, restaurants, hospitality industry, etc.

Do American cities have a crime problem?

Some appear to, but I haven’t studied this issue.

If so, what is your suggestion to solve it?

There are people who have spent their careers trying to answer that question. I’m sure solutions have something to do with dismantling institutional racist systems that include highways, housing policies, locations of industrial pollution, lack of investment in “inner city” areas, aging infrastructure, etc.

Should police officers have qualified immunity in cases involving alleged excessive force or other misconduct?


Are there any limits to the Second Amendment?

The Second Amendment was written in the 1700s. A lot has changed since then. The 2nd Amendment references a “well-regulated militia” as a reason for not restricting the right to bear arms, yet somehow that is left out of a lot of the rhetoric about guns. We already have some limits on the right to have a gun, and I believe there are some additional limits needed to balance the safety and well-being of children with individual rights.

Note, I received the Mom’s Demand Action for Gun Sense Candidate designation from Everytown for Gun Safety.

Do you support any restrictions on gun purchases or other stricter gun control measures including citizens’ access to military style weaponry?

Personally, I do not think there is a good reason for any civilian to own a military style weapon. Look at Uvalde. 300+ law enforcement officers with training and guns did not confront one gunman with a military-style gun.

Illinois, along with many states across the country, have legalized marijuana making it legal for people to buy and use it. Marijuana, however, is still illegal at the federal level. Do you support legalizing marijuana nationally? Why or why not?

Yes. Let’s just legalize it nationally already.

Did Joe Biden win the 2020 election?


Would you have voted to ratify his presidency?


What is your position on the Jan. 6, 2021 riot at the U.S. Capitol?

It was an insurrection that was made worse by the words and inaction of the President. People died needlessly. Police officers died needlessly.

Was it an insurrection?


Should people convicted of a crime related to their participation in the riot ever be pardoned?


Should voters be required to show an ID to vote?


Would you, as a member of Congress, ever vote against certifying presidential electoral votes submitted by states’ official voting authorities?


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October 10, 2022 at 02:04PM

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