Illinois comptroller candidates make pitch month before election

(The Center Square) – The two major party candidates for Illinois comptroller made their pitches for why Illinois residents should elect them Nov. 8.

The candidates were recently hosted separately by ABC 7 to discuss the election, which is now under a month away.

Incumbent Democratic Comptroller Suzanna Mendoza faces off against Republican McHenry County Auditor Shannon Teresi.

Both Mendoza and Teresi were asked why Illinois voters should put their support behind each candidate.

Mendoza said her background and how she conducted her business as comptroller makes her the best candidate for the position.

"I promised not just to pay down our bill backlog, which I have done, today we have accounts payable of over two billion dollars," Mendoza said. "I did that without using a penny of federal stimulus money because we had not even received our ARPA dollars by the time I paid down our bill backlog."

Teresi said she wants to fix several issues she sees in the state’s finances.

"I am running because Illinois is one of the most corrupt, mismanaged, highest taxed states in the nation," Teresi said. "As a CPA and a certified fraud examiner, I am also a certified internal auditor. I have a proven track record and financial leadership experience Illinois has never had."

The two candidates also offered different views on one major issue for the office, which is whether or not the state should look to combine the offices of the comptroller and Illinois treasurer.

Teresi said she is in support of consolidating the two offices.

"As a CPA, I know how to segregate internal controls to ensure those offices are protecting the taxpayers," Teresi said.

Mendoza argued against the merger.

"They were separated for a reason. Back in 1956, there was one individual that did those duties, and it was a big mistake," Mendoza said. "Mr. Orville Hodge embezzled $6 million, which today would be about $60 million. He went to jail, but the person who has access to the money should not have access to the checkbook."

The general election will be held on Nov. 8, and early voting has already begun.

Libertarian comptroller candidate Deirdre McCloskey also appears on the ballot.

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via 92.7 WMAY

October 10, 2022 at 07:21PM

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