LETTER: Turner is good for small businesses


When we were contacted to erroneously pay unemployment fees that were difficult to navigate and impacted the growth of our business, Senator Turner stepped in and handled the situation amicably. Her presence has benefited us as well as others in the community. We highly regard responsive elected officials because they are necessary to a community’s wellness and advancement.

Although our political beliefs do not often align with those of the Democratic Party, Sen. Doris Turner has been a staple of productivity and action. Throughout her career, Sen. Turner has evidently made public service a top priority. It is reflected through her life’s work, including her most recent legislation.

Her platform highlights a variety of topics, which includes expanding economic opportunity. The senator supports the growth of local businesses and the development of greater employment opportunities.

As a pillar of this community, she has shown that she will actively fight for our entrepreneurs and laborers. We are proud to say we have witnessed her character and initiative firsthand, and because of that, she has our support in this upcoming election.

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September 23, 2022 at 06:43AM

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