Black Women’s Equal Pay Day – what does it mean? – CBS News

CHICAGO (CBS) — Wednesday is Black Women’s Equal Pay Day.

It marks how far into the year African American women must work to earn the same amount as white men did the year before.

In other words, this year black women must have worked until Sept. 21 to make what a white man made at the end of last year.

According to – based on census data – the 2021 wage gap for black women compared to white men is 58 cents for every dollar.

In a release, the Illinois Department of Labor say they’re partnering with groups to raise awareness of pay equality rights with a focus on low-income women of color. 

“Illinois is on the frontlines of passing laws to increase pay transparency. The Department, through enforcement of amendments to the Equal Pay Act, is shining a light on pay in the private sector. It’s a critical step in shrinking both the gender and racial wage gaps,” said Illinois Department of Labor Acting Director Jane Flanagan.  

The American Association of University Women says, as a whole, women are taking home about 84% of the pay men do.

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September 21, 2022 at 11:00PM

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