Senator – IDOC Director Clash

Chicago, Ill (WAND) – State Senator Jason Barrickman, (R) Bloomington, and the Director of the Illinois Department of Corrections, Rob Jeffreys, clashed Wednesday over the handling of an inmate move in February.

Citing a consolidation of resources Jeffreys had dozens of inmates moved from prisons in Pontiac and Vandalia due to a lack of staff. That move touched off rumors and fears the two facilities would be closed economically crushing the small communities.

Barrickman complained Jeffreys had committed to go to Pontiac to explain what happened. Jeffreys stated he would go to Pontiac for a job fair to hire new employees.

“I have never said anything about closing Pontiac. Never came out of my mouth,” Jeffreys told Barrickman at a Legislative Audit Commission hearing. He went on to say he met previously with several Republican lawmakers to explain what happened. “I told them I was not closing a facility. Emphatically told them I was not closing a facility.”

IDOC says it currently has 1,100 job vacancies within the department.

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September 21, 2022 at 06:00PM

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