If Bailey Was Sincere He Wouldn’t Have Voted Against Legislation to End Crime and Violence


Column: If Bailey Was Sincere He Wouldn’t Have Voted Against Legislation to End Crime and Violence (Chicago, IL) – Darren Bailey recently invaded the black community unannounced and un-invited in Washington Park. Washington Park was recently the scene of violence this past week. Darren Bailey decided to go to Washington Park to take advantage of these families pain and suffering to push his radical agenda. However, it backfired. He was met with grassroots organizations and non violence advocates who were upset that Bailey lacked empathy for the families and the community.

Darren Bailey did not give his condolences nor prayers to the families of the victims. He just went on a political rant that disrespected all the black people in the community. I, Wallace “Gator” Bradley (Editorial Board member of the Southland Journal) was present and interviewed several members of the community about their perception of Bailey’s action and lack of empathy. One of the interviewees was community activist and Dolton Trustee Andrew Holmes. Andrew Holmes called Bailey out for not coming around the community. Holmes also mentioned that Bailey decided to move into the John Hancock Center instead of Englewood.

Non Violence activist Tio Hardiman was also present. Tio Hardiman mentioned that he did not have much negative to say about Darren Bailey or Republicans, but he did feel like their was a lack of empathy and understanding. Tio Hardiman mentioned that it didn’t feel right how Bailey came to Washington Park without understanding the issues and the community.

Racy Political Commercials

There was also a conversation about the political advertising commercial which displayed a white woman attacked by black men. The video has caused much controversy for it’s racial undertones. Andrew Holmes mentioned that NBC actually too the commercial off the air. Bamani Obedeli also spoke out about Bailey’s interloping. Bamani Obedeli mentioned that Bailey needs to come and speak to the community. Bamani Obedeli also mentioned that Bailey never voted for legislation to help Chicago.

I’m calling for all Black people backing Bailey to “Get Out!” Just like that movie. Wake up and don’t be influenced by these Trumptonians. Get out while you can.

Column: If Bailey Was Sincere He Wouldn’t Have Voted Against Legislation to End Crime and Violence

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September 16, 2022 at 10:48PM

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