Williamson County Republicans object to the Democratic candidate for state’s attorney


MARION — Williamson County Republicans have filed objections with the county election board against Marsha “Marcy” Cascio-Hale’s petition as a candidate for Williamson County State’s Attorney.

Marcy Cascio-Hale of Murphysboro has been named the new Williamson County State’s Attorney it was announced Wednesday by the Democrat Party Chair Tom Caliper. Cascio-Hale replaces Brandon Zanotti, whose last day on the job is Friday. 


The objections were filed by Williamson County Republican Chairman Jeff Diederich, Amy Eckert and Alexia Denly.

The objection to Cascio-Hale’s candidacy contains two counts.

The first count says she filed an incomplete appointment to fill a vacancy. Specifically, Cascio-Hale’s notice of appointment did not meet the requirements of the law. The notice is required to include the original nominee and office as well as the date the office was vacated and the new nominee’s name and address. Her notice of appointment did not list Brandon Zanotti, his office which was state’s attorney, or that Zanotti resigned on July 22, 2022.

The second objection is an untimely appointment to fill a vacancy. The objection said the law requires a nominee to be voted on at the county’s convention. In this case, Cascio-Hale was elected as the nominee for state’s attorney on July 18, before the Democrats held their convention.

Because of both objections, the Republicans say Cascio-Hale must be taken off the Williamson County ballot for the General Election on Nov. 8.

The timelines for this year’s General Election were shortened in Illinois due to new legislative districts. The state’s primary was pushed back to June 28, shortening the normal election timeframe. Candidates had to be slated by July 25.

Williamson County Democratic Chairman Brandi Bradley said that issue has already been addressed in multiple counties this year. She believes the issue should be decided by voters.

“We should not deny the voters the opportunity to decide the best person for the office. This is a Democracy, where the people’s voices should be heard. Let the voters decide,” Bradley said.

A hearing on the matter will be at 9 a.m. Wednesday in the administrative building. An objection to a candidate is usually heard by the circuit clerk, county clerk and state’s attorney. Because Cascio-Hale is the states attorney, it will be heard by Williamson County Circuit Clerk Justin Maze, County Clerk Amanda Barnes and Treasurer Ashley Gott. All three are Republicans.

The Southern tried to reach Diederich for a comment but was unsuccessful. 

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