Democrat slated for run in 75th Illinois House District

A Democratic candidate has been slated to run in the 75th Illinois House District. Heidi Henry, of rural Marseilles, got approval from Democratic party chairs in the newly redrawn district. There was no Democratic primary for the district.

Henry says that she wants to see more protection of women’s rights.

Henry says that she supports a progressive income tax, where people who make more pay a higher tax percentage. She thinks that’s a good way to help reduce property taxes and fully fund schools.

Henry says her experience working with the community makes her a good candidate to represent the district.

Henry wants to maintain a separation of church and state and says that now is a crucial time.

Henry is married and has two adult children. She has run for office before and is a Democratic precinct committeewoman.

Henry will challenge Republican nominee Jed Davis, of Newark, in November. Davis says that Henry continuously misinterprets his platform. He says that his campaign remains focused on key issues such as taxes, schools, and crime.

Davis defeated incumbent State Rep. David Welter in the June primary election.

Local,Region: South Suburbs,Region: Joliet

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September 6, 2022 at 11:59AM

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