Workers Rights Amendment To Be November Ballot Question in Illinois

An amendment to the Illinois Constitution will appear on the ballot this November after some groups worked to get it taken off.

The 4th District Appellate Court ruled in favor of keeping a Workers Rights Amendment on the ballot after a suit field in April by the Liberty Justice Center fought to keep it off. In the lawsuit, the group along with the Illinois Policy Institute contended that the federal National Labor Relations Act preempts any state laws that regulate collective bargaining.

The amendment seeks to have Illinois join a handful of states that guarantee the right to collective bargaining as part of its constitution. If successful, it would prevent future state general assemblies from passing “right-to-work” legislation without going back to Illinois voters.

The Illinois General Assembly passed the proposed amendment in May 2021. The 4th District Appellate Court‘s Justice Thomas M. Harris ruled in favor of keeping the amendment on the ballot this past week.

To be placed into the Illinois Constitution, the amendment must receive 60% or more of the popular vote.

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via WLDS

August 29, 2022 at 06:55PM

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