Chicagoans show off city after Darren Bailey calls it a ‘hellhole’

Bailey appeared late last week at a GOP rally during the Illinois State Fair, where he attacked Chicago and its Democratic leadership for failing to address crime and other issues.

Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images

Darren Bailey, the Republican candidate for Illinois governor, called Chicago a “hellhole” twice on Thursday, bringing out Chicagoans’ city pride on Twitter in response.

Bailey, who is running against incumbent Gov. J.B. Pritzker in the general election, appeared late last week at a GOP rally during the Illinois State Fair, where he attacked Chicago and its Democratic leadership for failing to address crime and other issues.

“In Chicago — that once great city —well, it didn’t become a hellhole just because of Lori Lightfoot and Kim Foxx. Starting with J.B. Pritzker, our leaders are all in cahoots, they’re knee deep in corruption, and they don’t care about the working people…”

-Darren Bailey

— Tahman Bradley (@tahmanbradley) August 18, 2022

The “hellhole” jab is a line he introduced in a debate in Chicago nearly three months ago — and it’s become part of his campaign patter since then.

Over one-fifth of the state’s residents live in Chicago.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot did not leave the comment unchecked, swinging back on Friday against the claim — and that she is partly to blame — by slamming the downstate farmer’s gubernatorial campaign as a “dumpster fire.”

“Chicago is no hellhole, but the Bailey campaign sure is a dumpster fire,” the mayor tweeted.

After Bailey doubled down yet again, Chicagoans on Twitter rose up in their city’s defense.

Here’s how Chicagoans showed off their city:

Made it through #Chicago hellhole this morning. Corner garden at 64th and Dorchester

— L Forte (@Forte926) August 22, 2022

— Became B Talent After Moving to Chicago (@minc798) August 20, 2022

Summer Chicago can’t be beat

— (bozo!) (@fulfgar) August 20, 2022

Me and my friends on a river/lake cruise and getting hotpot in Chinatown. Best city on earth IMHO.

— John Ruf (@JohnRuf6) August 20, 2022

Hellhole, IL. These lovely people keep their house lit up beautifully all year round. Rogers Park FTW.

— Bill Savage (@RogersParkMan) August 22, 2022

I love it dearly.

— Cory Popp (@CoryPopp) August 20, 2022

Seeing a ballet at the gorgeous Lyric Opera, the puppet bike and flower crowns at Midsommarfesf in Andersonville, rooting for STL at Wrigley, and holiday lights in Edgewater.

— Rebecca Lehmann (@BeckyLehmann) August 20, 2022

Garfield Park Conservatory

— Michele Bopp (@mlbopp95) August 20, 2022

Bronzeville, South Shore, Douglass Park in North Lawndale, Promontory Point in Hyde Park. People want to spout racist garbage about the South and West sides but they are filled with boundless beauty.

— Jamie Lynn (@bonjour_jamie) August 21, 2022

I ❤️ This Hellhole

— FitzMagic🍀 (@CheapSeats411) August 20, 2022

Chicago’s a colorful hellhole.

— Billyjoe (@Billeeejo) August 21, 2022

My contribution to hellhole discourse

— Eric Allix Rogers (@EricAllixRogers) August 19, 2022

Hellhole, South Side edition

— Heidi Stevens (@HeidiStevens13) August 18, 2022

Made a photo album on my phone titled #Hellhole and filled it with some of my favorite pics of amazing places in #chicago. Here is a sampling.

— Lydia Milman Schmidt (@MilmanSchmidt) August 20, 2022

My hellhole.

— Sheila Quirke (@MaryTylerMom) August 18, 2022

Chicago is so good

— Shana (@shanasolarte) August 19, 2022

Murals Pilsen

— halliesue (@halliesue) August 20, 2022

i could do this for days

— Chairman Birb Bernanke 🌿 (@Bonecondor) August 20, 2022

Historic Pullman – far south Chicago – home to Chicago’s only national park: Pullman National Monument

— TeriGage (@gage_teri) August 20, 2022

— Sarkastik Mercenary (@mr_two_lettas) August 22, 2022

Ino Saves New

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August 22, 2022 at 05:00PM

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