City of Morris Applying for $650K Housing Rehab Grant | Local News |

 The City of Morris plans to submit a $650, 000 grant application to Illinois Community Development Block Grant Housing Rehab Program to Illinois Dept of Commerce and Economic Opportunity for funds to rehabilitate approximately 10 qualifying owner occupied single family homes in the project area which is from Division Street to west to Price and Grant Streets to the east Railroad and Armstrong Streets to the north and Main Street to the south. A presentation was heard by members and local citizens during a Public Hearing at Monday’s City Council Meeting.

Home owners who receive this grant funding will be required to remain living at that address for a minimum of five years in order to prevent the funds being misused for turnover selling for profit. 

More details in this clause and caveats related to eligible funding recipients can be found online at and clicking on the GDBG tab.

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August 18, 2022 at 10:35PM

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