Housing Advocates Seek End To Illinois Rent Control Ban


A group of housing advocates is calling for an end to Illinois’s ban on rent control.


Rent control involves government limits on what landlords can charge for rent, or on how much they can increase that rent from year to year. Illinois law prohibits local governments from enacting rent control policies, but a group called Lift The Ban wants to repeal that law and limit annual rent increases to no more than five-percent. The group held a rally and news conference outside the governor’s tent at the Illinois State Fair Wednesday.


They are calling on Illinois lawmakers to pass pending legislation that would repeal the rent control ban and impose new protections for tenants and mom-and-pop landlords.

Region: Springfield,Local,City: Springfield,Region: Central

via Local – 92.7 WMAY https://www.wmay.com

August 17, 2022 at 03:30PM

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