Again: Pritzker v Pritzker

Gov. JB and First Lady MK Pritzker reprised their routine as the two final bidders for the grand champion steer at the Sale of Champions at the Illinois State Fair.

The first lady again prevailed, tying her own 2021 record with a $105,000 bid.

It’s a prize that will partly go toward the college education of the steer’s shower.

“About 5:00 every morning they come in and go into a cooler room that stays at 47 degrees, and they don’t get turned out until midnight, 1:00,” said Ashtin Geyer, 21, of Robinson, Ill. “That cooler room helps grow their hair. That’s his routine, and his routine’s pretty laid-back. He gets to hang out in the cool while it’s hot outside.”

Geyer, who will be a senior at Western Illinois University, showed King – whose posh life leads to an ignominious end.

The Pritzkers are donating him to a food bank.

Ino Saves New

via rk2’s favorite articles on Inoreader

August 17, 2022 at 06:52AM

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