Chuy Garcia’s progressive march

Chuy Garcia’s progressive march

TGIF, Illinois. The intrigue continues in Washington, where Merrick Garland called Trump’s bluff to reveal the warrant behind the Mar-a-Lago search — and the former president agreed.

Congressman Jesus “Chuy” Garcia is having a moment. He’s become an unofficial adviser to young progressives in Congress, who he says will vote unanimously today to push the historic reconciliation bill over the finish line.

Officially called the Inflation Reduction Act, the measure lowers health care costs, invests in fighting climate change and ensures big companies pay their fair share.

Closer to home, Garcia, who has a legacy of progressive activism in Illinois, has helped shepherd new Latino candidates to the General Assembly and was a key endorsement to help state Rep. Delia Ramirez win the Democratic nomination for the state’s newly drawn 4th Congressional District.

Garcia and his coalition were also deciding factor in state Rep. Lisa Hernandez being elected chair of the Illinois Democratic Party. So, it’s no wonder there’s talk he might run again for mayor of Chicago. Garcia’s not committing to it — one way or another.

We talked to him about the reconciliation bill, progressives in Illinois, and the mayor’s race before he headed to Washington for today’s big vote.

How will the Inflation Reduction Act specifically affect Illinois? “We don’t have a breakout yet or projects of what Illinois will get. But without a doubt, Illinois will become a huge beneficiary, given our manufacturing potential, the ability to create jobs and it’s estimated that a family would save $1,025 energy savings a year by the investments in renewable energy programs that will complement the programs” that the state General Assembly has already initiated.

Do you see progressives playing a greater role in Illinois government and politics? “Without a doubt. The wins coming out of the June 28 primary are a testament to the bench that is being built to the progressive thrust of our politics and also, of course, our effort to be inclusive of other communities and leaders who want to move the state toward equity and sustainability.”

What’s the big picture of the mayor’s race, and what extent progressives will play? “Anyone seriously contending or aspiring to be mayor of the city of Chicago will have to brandish a platform that embraces values that are held dear by progressives. There are bread-and-butter issues. And public safety will be a big concern and a robust part of debate of whoever wants to be mayor. Given the sweeps across the North West and South West sides, the progressive community will play a large role in the next mayoral election.”


Now a party that’s struggled at sales pitches must sell the climate, tax and health care vision that it’s about to achieve, by POLITICO’s Sarah Ferris and Jordain Carney

A bittersweet health care win for Democrats, by POLITICO’s Alice Miranda Ollstein

SCOOP: Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s deputy mayor over intergovernmental affairs, is stepping down. Manuel “Manny” Perez” told colleagues earlier this week that he’s leaving Sept. 6 to work in the private sector.

He’ll be a senior vice president of real estate for Cabrera Capital Partners in Chicago. “It’s an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. It’s a decision that’s best for me and my family,” Perez told Playbook.

Succeeding him in the mayor’s office will be Beth Beatty, who will shepherd Lightfoot’s priority projects in the City Council, Springfield, and Washington. Beatty has been managing deputy director of intergovernmental affairs. And before that, she was legislative counsel under then-Mayor Rahm Emanuel in the Office of Legislative Counsel and Government Affairs.

In a statement, Lightfoot said Beatty’s nearly 20 years’ experience in City Hall will make for an easy transition to achieve the goals of passing and advocating “for transformative and equitable legislation at all levels of government that will positively impact residents of our city.”

Lightfoot also praised Perez, who was the highest-ranking Latino executive in the mayor’s office. “Manny championed some of the biggest milestones for my administration, including multiple budgets, the Chicago Casino and Civilian Oversight of police, and I am grateful for his efforts.”

Perez’s exit isn’t unusual given the pressure-cooker atmosphere of working in any mayor’s office.

He’s been part of Lightfoot’s team for nearly four years, starting with her 2019 campaign and then moving to the transition team before the mayor’s office. He previously helped run Chuy Garcia’s successful run for Congress in 2018.

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At the Department of Transportation Hanley Building in Springfield at 9:30 a.m. to announce an IDOT multi-year plan. … At the fairgrounds at 11 a.m. to open Conservation World. … At the Director’s Lawn at the fairgrounds at 11:30 a.m. to give remarks at the county fair luncheon.

At McCormick Place at 9:30 a.m. for the Black Women’s Expo.

At McCormick Place at 9:30 a.m. for the Black Women’s Expo.

— EXCLUSIVE: Adam Kinzinger on Donald Trump: “He won … at least in the short term,” the Republican congressman told WGN 9’s Ben Bradley in a one-on-one interview.

Northwestern names U, of Oregon leader as new president, by Tribune’s Karen Ann Cullotta

— Allen Skillicorn, a former Illinois state representative, has won a council seat in Fountain Hills, Ariz., where he now lives, via

— RINO Hunters | Darren Bailey’s Trump-style conservatism has taken over the Illinois GOP, which may doom it in November: “Naturally, House Republican leader Jim Durkin disagrees with that assessment. He is encouraging fellow GOP candidates to set aside hot-button social issues like abortion and gun control and run on “kitchen table” matters such as crime and inflation,” by Chicago magazine’s Edward Robert McClelland.

— Bill Foster (IL-11) has been endorsed by state Rep. Suzanne Ness (D-Crystal Lake).

The People Who Play By The Rules PAC has new ads targeting Gov. JB Pritzker, again. The series is titled K-12 Parents Speak.

— Kris Tharp’s campaign for Illinois state Senate has been endorsed by the Illinois Association of Realtors, the Police Benevolent and Protective Association of Illinois and the Illinois Federation of Teachers, according to his campaign.

Latest deposit brings Illinois’ Rainy Day Fund to record levels: “Comptroller Susana Mendoza announced the latest deposit of $180 million into Illinois’ Rainy Day Fund, bringing the balance to a record level of $1.036 billion,” by WREX’s Kelsey Anderson

— Good news for beach lovers: Lake Michigan water levels are expected to stay well below the near historic highs of 2020, by Tribune’s Nara Schoenberg

Third time’s the charm? “Springfield mayor wants to bring Wyndham project back to city council, increase number of hotel rooms,” by Illinois Times’ Dean Olsen

Sophia King ‘won’t be bullied’ out of mayoral race by threats of divided Black vote:Ald. Jason Ervin said with so many Black candidates, the community risks “losing it all.” But the newest mayoral challenger, Ald. Sophia King, called it ‘shortsighted’ to think ‘Black candidates will only get Black votes,’” by Sun-Times’ Fran Spielman.

— Lining up for La Shawn? A group of community activists and supporters of state Rep. La Shawn Ford met last night to rally for Ford to jump in the race for mayor.

— Aida Flores, who ran for the City Council’s 25th Ward in 2019, is returning for a rematch. Flores, who works in public education, will again face incumbent Ald. Byron Sigcho-Lopez. In 2019, Flores received 19.3 percent of the vote in a five-way race, coming within 270 votes of qualifying for the run-off election. She bills herself as a progressive.

Top cop fired reformer even after getting heat from federal monitor:At a meeting with the monitor tracking compliance with court-ordered reforms, Supt. David Brown struggled to explain how he would meet a key deadline while deeply cutting staff that was implementing those changes,” by Sun-Times’ Tom Schuba.

Ald. Raymond Lopez files an ordinance to prevent changes to Soldier Field: “The filing comes on the 100 year anniversary of Municipal Grant Park Stadium’s groundbreaking,” via ABC 7.

Obama Foundation revenues down in 2021 amid pandemic, delays in approval for construction, by Tribune’s A.D. Quig

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City rideshare drivers push for safety precautions, improved working conditions, by WTTW’s Brandis Friedman and Jennifer Cotto

Smyly leads Cubs to win over Reds in “Field of Dreams” game, via The Associated Press

O’Hare prepares to bid out lucrative concessions contracts:It’s a rare chance to manage $300 million in food, beverage and retail sales in domestic terminals,” by Crain’s John Pletz.

CTA president Dorval Carter outlines plan to address snafus, safety issues: “Our service is not meeting our high expectations." WTTW’s Nick Blumberg reports

Rivian now has nearly 200,000 orders for its EV trucks and delivery vans. It’s produced 8,000, by Tribune’s Robert Channick

Bears deal in Arlington Heights could be hindered by group’s ‘anti-corporate welfare’ petition, by Pioneer Press’ Caroline Kubzansky

Italian beef at Churchill Downs? ‘Chicago-style’ Arlington Million is back —  but in Kentucky, by Daily Herald’s Christopher Placek

Could term limits be tossed in Des Plaines? Voters may be asked to decide in November, by Daily Herald’s Russell Lissau

Body of Brookfield Zoo gorilla will join Field Museum’s mammal collection, by Sun-Times’ Mitch Dudek

In setback for McHenry County, federal court upholds ban on ICE detainees in county jails, by Daily Herald’s Charles Keeshan and Susan Sarkauskas

State Sen. Michael Hastings loses round when divorce court judge quashes subpoenas for Mayor Michael Glotz, cop, by Daily Southtown’s Ted Slowik

What to know about R. Kelly’s new Chicago trial:The former R&B star is set to go to trial in Chicago — again — on Aug. 15. Here’s a rundown of what’s happening and why,” by Sun-Times’ Jon Seidel.

We asked who became the most famous student in your high school class:

Bryan Zarou, BGA’s policy director, went to school in Uniondale, N.Y., with current White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

Christine Svenson, Palatine lawyer and township trustee, went to school with Amy Walter, publisher of The Cook Report.

Stella Black, a property-tax expert: James Brady, aide to then-President Ronald Reagan, “was my high school buddy” at Centralia Township HS.

Kalpana (“Kali”) Plomin, a City of Chicago exec: Matchbox Twenty bass guitarist Brian Yale in Woodbridge, Conn.

Scott Wiseman, an energy consultant, went to Heyworth HS with actress Britt Lower.

Marla Krause, DePaul University journalism professor, went to Sullivan HS in Chicago with comedian Shecky Greene.

Chris Ruys, a comms expert, went to Springfield HS with Bob Trumpy, who played for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Joan Waggoner went to Paris HS with Ron Seely, a reporter at the Wisconsin State Journal for 35 years.

Ray Hanania, political consultant, went to Bowen HS with author and musician Louis Rosen.

Becky McCabe went to Naperville Community (now Central) HS with Robert "Bob" Zoellick, president of the World Bank.

Brent Zhorne, candidate for Knox County Board, went to Glenbrook South HS with Flint Dille, who produced Transformer cartoons.

Ron Michaelson, former head of the state Board of Elections, went to Maine Township HS with actor Harrison Ford. “We called him ‘Harry’ then!”

Chuck Mackie, futures industry survivor, says the “most infamous classmate” at New Trier HS was Laurie Dann,” who went on a killing spree in 1988 in Winnetka before killing herself.

Robert Christie, a government relations veteran, went to Quincy Catholic Boys HS with Michael Swango, a serial killer believed to be responsible for up to 60 murders. He poisoned patients to watch how they would react to certain chemicals and is the subject of books, documentaries and an HBO movie.

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How the Trump FBI search puts swing-state Republicans in a bind, by POLITICO’s Natalie Allison and Hollie Otterbein

What DHS watchdog employees wanted to tell Congress about missing Jan. 6 Secret Service texts, by POLITICO’s Betsy Woodruff Swan

New CDC guidance for schools aims for normalcy, by POLITICO’s Krista Mahr

Kane County Judge John Noverini announces retirement, via the Daily Herald

Today through Sunday: Eboo Patel, founder of Interfaith American and a former adviser to then-President Barack Obama, headlines the Interfaith Leadership Summit at the Swissotel Chicago. It’s the event’s first in-person gathering since 2019.

THURSDAY’s ANSWER: Congrats to Donovan Pepper, Liz Heffernan and Larry Beaumont for correctly answering that Paul Powell was the former secretary of state whose death prompted the "Shoebox Scandal" corruption investigation.

TODAY’s QUESTION: What are the three mandated duties of townships in Illinois? Email [email protected]

Today: Cook County Circuit Court Judge Joanne Rosado, Darren Bailey campaign manager Jose Durbin (He’s 28.), Ald. Samantha Nugent chief of staff Erika Wozniak, former U.S. Civil Rights Commission Chair Marty Castro and English teacher and Chicago native Carita Gardiner.

Saturday: State Sen. Ann Gillespie, former state Sen. Carole Pankau, SEIU Local 1 President Emeritus Tom Balanoff, LBH Chicago political fundraiser Liz Houlihan, attorney Tom Skallas, America’s Voice comms director Doug Rivlin and journalist Michael Miner.

Sunday: Former state Rep. Adam Brown, Nourishing Hope (formerly Lakeview Pantry) CEO Kellie O’Connell, JPMorgan Chase philanthropy leader Charlie Corrigan, Diversified Search Group global managing partner Sonya Olds Som, financial adviser Jeremy Wynes and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois comms managing director Nicole Stickel.



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