Illinois parents take advantage of temporary tax cut on school supplies

MARION, IL- The cost of school supplies can add up but now through next Sunday,  August 14th tax payers in Illinois get a bit of a break. 

Illinois is dropping it’s tax rate from 6.25% to 1.25% over that time period for some items of clothing costing less than $125.00 and also school supplies. 

It’s part of the Family Relief Plan to ease the pain of inflation for Illinois families. 

The ten day five percent drop includes school supplies like binders, book bags, calculators, notebooks, erasers, folders, lunch boxes, glue, markers, crayons and more. 

As for clothing the cut includes items like shorts, pants, skirts, shirts and underwear. It also includes coats, belts, school uniforms and some footwear. 

Computer items and accessories, masks, sports equipment, and art supplies also are not covered.

Local 6 caught up with a family from Benton, Illinois shopping at Target in Marion, Illinois. 

“I actually really like buying school supplies,” said Emma Bacon. “It gets me excited for the year.” 

She’s one of five children her mother Abby Bacon, and grandmother Angie Buchannan were out shopping for. 

“We have a ton of kids and have spent a ton of money on school supplies,” said Abby. 

We also got to meet six-year-old Grant, proudly showing off his new lunchbox. 

“I have been shopping for months,” said Abby. “Trying to get stuff for all of them and stock up on pencils, crayons, everything.” 

“”It gets them excited for school and they get new things, new school box pencils glue,” said Grandmother Angie. 

The cost adds up quickly. The family was thankful to take advantage of the tax cut this weekend. 

“That was a total bonus,” said Abby. “I’ve been stocking up over the last few months but this totally helps with those last minute items trying to mark off those things that they need off the list. Every little bit helps when you have a large family.” 

“It’s a nice gesture,” said Angie. “It helps a lot.” 

“Hopefully this is another smooth school year and my kids will enjoy themselves and learn and continue to progress,” said Abby. 

Computer items and accessories, masks, sports equipment, and art supplies are not covered.

You have until August 14th to take advantage of the tax cut, which is next Sunday.

For more information on items that qualify and what retailers need to know click here

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August 7, 2022 at 05:42PM

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