Oswego resident elected chairperson of Kendall County Democrats – wcsjnews.com


Oswego resident Beth Kremer has been elected as chairperson of the Kendall County Democrats. Kremer has been involved in the party since 2017 and served as treasurer of the Democratic Women of Kendall County.

Kremer wants to get more people involved in the party.

Kremer says a goal of hers is to help Democratic candidates win office.

Kremer says everyone has a voice and can make themselves heard in politics.

Kremer says that Democrats are getting excited for the November general election.

Also elected to the Kendall County Democratic Executive Board were Robyn Vickers as Vice Chair, Karen Novy as Treasurer, and Ryan Kauffman as Secretary.

A news release from the Kendall County Democrats thanked outgoing Chair Brooke Shanley and the other board members for their service.

WSPY news has interviewed party heads of the Kendall County Republican Central Committee and the independent Kendall County Party. Listen in the coming days for more on those organizations and their plans for the future.

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August 3, 2022 at 09:35AM

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