The search for affordable housing

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) – Many in Central Illinois are struggling to find homes they can afford. 

Linda Martinez is 74, and she used to live in Decatur. Now, she is staying with a friend in Springfield. 

After selling her home in May 2022, she hasn’t been able to  find housing that she can afford. 

I can’t afford to go out there and pay a thousand dollars a month,” said Martinez. “You know seniors don’t make that much money- and gas is going up, groceries are going up.” 

She is struggling to get financing for her home because her only income is her pension and social security benefits.

Well its not fun to be poor,” said Martinez. “I gotta figure out what I am going to do and hopefully find a place before long.” 

Springfield Mayor James Langfelder is proposing new changes in city council to increase housing in the area. He hopes the city renovates property they already own. 

We are trying to stop the demolition of our neighborhoods and move forward in a positive manor– especially with the affordability of houses to move us that way,” said Langfelder. 

He recommended that anyone who needs assistance should call their local housing authority to see if they qualify for aid. 

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July 25, 2022 at 06:47PM

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