Pritzker, Lightfoot are record holders

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By Ray Hanania

Governor JB Pritzker has so much money he can pretty much do whatever he wants, including helping to elect the Republican he preferred to run against in November.

There is absolutely no doubt that Pritzker, either directly or indirectly, used money to slam all of the Republican gubernatorial candidates in the past June 28 Republican Primary, orchestrating the nomination of the person he felt would be his weakest opponent, Darren Bailey.

Bailey is a third-generation farmer born and raised in Louisville, Ill. Despite the perception Pritzker is hoping voters see, Bailey would probably make a great governor. At least he’s not afraid to stand up and confront the growing crime that is suffocating Chicagoland.

RayHanania 1

Ray Hanania

Chicago’s crime surge is spreading into the suburbs, like in Orland Park, where a felon was recently caught driving around with a trunk full of weapons and ammunition at the Orland Park Mall. The suspect, Donzel Jenkins, is from Homewood; but he originated from Chicago, where his street gang pals wreak havoc.

John Walsh dedicated his life to helping police capture America’s worst criminals after his son, Adam, was murdered. He hosted the popular TV show America’s Most Wanted and now In Pursuit. Walsh recently called Chicago a “killing field” because the crime there is so out of control.

Chicago’s rising crime data is intentionally blurred because Mayor Lori Lightfoot and her police commander manipulate it. They can’t stop the killings.

Walsh said Chicago “is descending into holy hell.”

Chicago today is even worse than what it was when it was once nicknamed Beirut on the Lake. Columnist John Kass, who was bullied out of his job by the far-left journalists at the once conservative Chicago Tribune, refers to it more accurately as Chicagostan.

Neither Lightfoot nor her accomplice, Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, has been able to do anything to prevent crime. They have done a lot to ease the burden on criminals, however.

So why would they risk bringing the Democratic National Convention to Chicago in 2024?

Instead of fighting crime effectively, Lightfoot and her biggest supporter, Pritzker, the billionaire Illinois governor, want to bring the Democratic National Convention to Chicago in the summer before the November 2024 presidential elections.

Why? Well, they believe revenues could push aside the focus on crime, which they have done nothing to suppress.

Conventions bring in a lot of money and create jobs for Chicagoans, assuming job prospects survive the Chicago OK Corral.

It’s just another Pritzker strategy to buy higher public office for himself. Leveraging his nearly $3 billion in wealth, Pritzker bought his 2018 election by overpromising and failing to deliver once elected.

What has Pritzker done for the state? (Crickets chirp loudly!)

He’ll most likely buy his re-election in November. Then he will use his billions to set the stage for his U.S. presidential “shopping spree” nomination. Getting the Democratic National Convention here would give him great leverage to do that and set the state for his “bought and paid for” coronation.

But I am thinking, imagine all those politicians, staff and delegates coming to Chicago from other American states, roaming Chicago’s streets.

What if one of them is a victim of Chicago crime? Injured or even killed?

How would that make Chicagoland look to the nation or to the world? Can’t be worse, I guess.

Pritzker doesn’t care and neither does Lightfoot, who wants to bring NASCAR to Chicago.

Imagine if one of the NASCAR drivers makes a pitstop during the race, and their race car is carjacked.

Lightfoot will blow it off as just another vehicular hijacking, as she does all of the other carjackings. She’s getting off easy because many carjackings start in Chicago but end up in the suburbs. Chicago’s crime spillover is not being addressed, but it should be.

Instead of spending his billions on confronting the gun-slinging gangbangers and changing the laws to give increased punishments, or to strengthen Chicago and suburban police, they are thinking more about their selfish political careers.

Chicago is one of the most dangerous cities in the country. Illinois ranks 49th as America’s worst state. Doesn’t that also mean Lightfoot is one of the worst mayors and Pritzker one of the worst governors?

What a record to run on. Record crime. Record murders. Record taxes. Record unemployment.

Maybe Pritzker will make Lightfoot his running mate. Imagine the even greater records the duo could achieve by working together. Not for the taxpayers, of course, but for themselves.

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July 24, 2022 at 02:04PM

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