Carbondale residents relocated from Cairo being forced from homes for second time

CARBONDALE, IL (WSIL) — It’s already happened once to many residents in one Carbondale apartment complex.

A good portion of people moved into the Georgetown Apartments after the Cairo housing crisis in 2017.

“Just didn’t work out they just put us out,” said former Cairo resident and current Georgetown resident Charlotte Viel. 

The Georgetown Apartments in Carbondale welcomed many of those displaced including Viel.

Now they’re getting kicked out of their homes again.

“I’m so stressed, I’ve been dealing with cancer and I don’t know what to do right about now,” added Viel. 

New ownership just took over Georgetown sending a letter letting residents like Charlotte know they’ve got to get out.

“He said he want everybody out so I don’t know what these people going to do with their kids or none of that I don’t even know,” said Viel. 

Sixty days, that’s how long people living at the Georgetown apartments have to get out. Now while the new ownership and the city says everything is being done legally, people living at Georgetown say they just wanted more notice.

“You know they telling us we got to be out of here in 60 days and we’re not understanding why we got to go I mean we ain’t did nothing,” added Viel.

The new ownership did tell News Three’s Brandon Merano residents need to leave because they’re renovating the complex, adding they’d work with tenants on extensions if they show they’re actively looking for new housing.

“Some of the obstacles with that is school is about to start, it takes quite a while to obtain an apartment, to have first and last month’s rent, to have transportation to even go around and look for housing,” said Nancy Maxwell with Carbondale United. 

There will be a meeting to help the residents of Georgetown on July 12th at the Carbondale Middle School.

For more information call 618-306-5885. 

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June 30, 2022 at 07:20AM

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