What workers want now: The latest A.D. Q&A podcast explores the answers


Even amid the continued national decline in union membership, the rate of success of unionization efforts at private companies like Starbucks is increasing, Bruno says. It “exceeds anything we’ve seen since the passage of the National Labor Relations Act in 1935 as it applied to steel companies, coal mines, electrical manufacturers. And this does not appear to be abating whatsoever.” 

Unionized or not, workers have come to redefine what they expect out of work, argues this week’s other guest, Harish Patel, the Director of Economic Security for Illinois, the advocacy group that facilitated the task force’s work. “What we value outside of work is really a new social contract that is being built out, and we can tell that leaders” are trying to figure it out, Patel says. “That will help us define and redefine what a good job is, or how human beings want to engage with the economy.”

Patel and Bruno also discuss why Illinois lawmakers will soon need to confront the status of "gig" workers, why Black unemployment has not fallen back to pre-pandemic levels, and whether business groups that participated in the task force’s work were on board with its recommendations.

via Crain’s Chicago Business

May 31, 2022 at 10:42PM

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