Mayor Lightfoot raises voice at Ald. Byron Sigcho-Lopez, calls him a ‘liar’ as he criticizes casino approval process

CHICAGO (CBS) — Mayor Lori Lightfoot raised her voice at Ald. Byron Sigcho-Lopez (25th) at a City Council meeting Tuesday, calling him a "liar" after he took issue with the casino approval process.

Sigcho-Lopez called the approval process "a process that benefits the casino operator at the expense of the city," and said members of the City Council had a duty to refer it.

The alderman also accused Mayor Lightfoot’s administration of being "more worried about campaign contributions than doing the right thing for the City of Chicago."

Lightfoot angrily interrupted Sigcho-Lopez, calling him a "liar."

"I will not tolerate you besmirching the hard work of so many people who have worked on this. You may not agree. You may not agree, then vote no, but I will not sit here silently while you besmirch my reputation, and the people that work for me," Lightfoot shot back. "You can express your comments and your views, but you will not tear down the integrity of people who are working just as hard as you are. That is absolutely unacceptable."

The City Council later voted 41-7 to approve Bally’s plan to build a casino, hotel, and entertainment complex on the River West site that is currently home to the Chicago Tribune newsroom and printing plant. The $1.7 billion project now goes to the Illinois Gaming Board for approval of Bally’s casino license.

Region: Chicago,Politics,City: Chicago

via Politics – CBS Chicago

May 25, 2022 at 06:22PM

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